Today’s Options for Light Bulbs in Decorative Lamps

Are you one of the thousands of people who are hoarding incandescent light bulbs? You’ve probably been pleased to see that you can still buy these bulbs at many stores. All types of incandescent bulbs will continue to be sold in this country until stores run out, which has not happened as of late 2014. After that, you can still buy low-watt bulbs that are perfect for decorative lamps available at a store such as This type of store also sells some styles of low-watt bulbs.

Types of Lighting

Incandescent bulbs just don’t seem to have a perfect alternative, despite their reputation for inefficient use of energy. If you prefer incandescent lighting, it may be the similarity to natural sunlight that appeals to you. In contrast, compact fluorescent lamps, known as CFLs, give off a whiter light that’s commonly viewed as “cold” when compared with the softer, warm light from incandescent bulbs. Light-emitting diode (LED) products also are referred to as whiter, colder light.

The closest product to the incandescent bulb is the halogen version. Unfortunately, although halogen bulbs look similar to incandescents, they can be unsuitable for decorative fixtures because they burn hotter and can damage fragile items.


Mood Lighting

Light from incandescent bulbs is considered to be more flattering on the human face. That’s a primary reason the owners of romantic atmosphere restaurants avoid CFLs and LEDs in the dining area and bar. This may be a concern for you in your own home, especially in rooms such as the living room, formal dining area and master bedroom.

Decorative Fixtures

Many people dislike the look of spiral CFLs in decorative lighting fixtures such as chandeliers from Elk Lighting. They prefer the more graceful round appearance of the incandescent bulbs. In addition, lamps designed to look like antiques, such as Victorian-style gas lamps, need certain styles of bulbs to appear as authentic as possible.

The Incandescent Bulb Lives On

Incandescent bulbs will continue to be available at wattages lower than 40 and for various specialty uses, such as heavy-duty bulbs and 3-way bulbs that work with dimmer switches. Some manufacturers have developed incandescent bulbs with better efficiency to meet federal guidelines. They cost more than what you’re used to paying, but it’s an option. In addition, developers are working to create other types of efficient bulbs that have the look of incandescent light and are suitable for decorative lamps.